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Download shankar ias environment pdf Free

Download shankar ias environment pdf Free

Download shankar ias environment pdf Free: Providing this book "ENVIRONMENT", that covers on Environmental Ecology, Bio-diversity and action with connexion Republic of India, a pioneering attempt by the SHRNKRR IAS FACULTY, given in academic passing epigrammatic and visually appealing format to boost the extent of information and awareness among the individuals from all walks of life.
Download shankar ias environment pdf Free


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India - A land of high spades richness and autochthony in addition as of agro-biodiversity, India, with solely two.4% of the world's landinass, supports associate degree astounding eight.1% of the world's diversity. She additionally supports seventeen.5% of the world's human in addition as eighteen of the world's oxen population. In fact, associate degree calculable seventieth of India's population depends domestically on natural ecosystems for subsistence suggests that of bread and butter, as well as fuel, housing, food, water, and security of health. Consequently, the country's diversity faces Brobdingnagian pressure.
The environmental issues in Bharat square measure growing quickly. The increasing economic development and quickly growing population square measure putt a strain on the setting, diversity, and also the country's natural resources. Industrial pollution, wearing away, deforestation, poaching, fast industrialisation, urbanization, and land degradation square measure all worsening issues. overuse of the country's resources/be if land or water has resulted within the environmental degradation. there's to date a positive of knowledge for the scholar and general public on surroundings.

The term Ecology

Ecology is also a scientific study of the reciprocal relationship between organisms (including microbes, plants, animals, man) with their surroundings. It deals with the ways that during which organisms square measure moulded-by their setting, however they create use of environmental resources as well as energy flow and mineral sport.
The term ecology was coined only as late as 1868. it's been derived from two Greek words specifically, 'Oikos' which means home or place to measure in and 'logos' which means study. virtually it is the study of the house of nature.
Ecology is printed "as a scientific study of the association of the living organisms with each other
and with their setting."


The roots of ecology belong rationalization, that is as previous as human civilization itself. Since early history, man has indulged in ecology in a very sensible variety of approach, wittingly and unwittingly.
In primitive societies each individual was needed to own associate degree intimate data of his setting for his or her survival, i.e., concerning the forces of nature and of plants and animals around him.
Our ancient Indian texts(Vedas, Upanishads, Post-Vedic texts, Puranas, Manu Smriti, Samhitas, Brahman) have references to ecological postulate. The classical texts of the writing quantity just like the Vedas, the Samhitas, the Brahman as and thus the Aranyakas-Upanishads contain many references to ecological concepts. The Indian writing on medication, the Caraka Samhita and also the surgical text Susruta-Samhita, show that individuals throughout this era had a decent understanding of plant and animal ecology.
These texts contain classification of animals on the premise of habit and home ground, land in terms of nature of soil, climate and vegetation; and outline of plants typical to numerous localities. Caraka- Samhita contains info that air, land, water and seasons were indispensable always which impure air and water were injurious for health.


Everything that surrounds or affects associate organism throughout its life time is jointly called its setting that contains each living (biotic) and dead (abiotic) parts.
All organism(from virus to man) square measure compulsorily addicted to the setting for food, energy, water, oxygen, shelter and for different wants. The setting is printed as 'the aggregation of living, non-living components; influences and events, close associate degree organism.
Concept of setting
The relationship and interaction between organism and setting unit very advanced. No organism can live alone whereas not interacting with totally different organisms. therefore each organism has totally different organisms as an area of its setting. every and everything with that we tend to move or that we want for our sustenance forms the environment.
The setting isn't static. each natural phenomenon associate degreed abiotic factors unit in an passing flux and keeps self-propelled unendingly.

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Shankar ias environment pdf Free
Shankar ias environment 3rd Edition Pdf

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