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Ethics: Ethical teachings have been an integral part of the Indian education system for ages. Our ancient literature is full of lessons on ethics and morality. The process of imparting ethical learning used to commence in the lap of the mother because she served the role of the first teacher. Parents, kith and kin, peers and neighbors used to play an important role in the process of socialization of an individual in the past but the life has undergone rapid transformations during the last half a century. Ethics are a requirement for human life. It is our means of deciding a right course of action.

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In the past for many individuals and even for several individuals these days, an associate degree objective ethical commonplace that's binding on all individuals for all times exists. whereas there can be disagreement on what the quality was, most acknowledged that there was a "right" selection. However, within the last period, there has been sizable erosion within the concept that a regular exists or is even required.
For many, decisions about what is right and wrong are completely personal and completely subjective: what is right for me may not be right for you; Such thinking asserts that whatever an individual deems morally acceptable is acceptable for that person. To judge that is often considered unacceptably intolerant and such randomness is often justified in the name of liberalism.
By 1960s a situation of vacuum had developed in the context of a standard of behavior of individuals. Corruption and other white collar crimes increased enormously in the absence of conscientious self-regulation. As the distinction between right and wrong began to blur, the society, as well as state, began to face various serious challenges. The common suffer most in such an environment because the rich and powerful misuse their resources and authority to fulfill their vested interests at the cost of others. Such challenges have been universal in nature and India is no exception.
To overcome such a scenario caused by lack of proper understanding of right and wrong actions, good and evil or the virtue and vice, it is essential that the citizens shall be taught the principles of ethics and morality. The recent changes in UPSC syllabus involving the addition of a GS paper on Ethics, Integrity, and Attitude have to be appreciated in this context. All citizens should abide by high standards of ethical behavior but it is must for civil servants as their actions decide the fate of the entire nation.
 Individuals are not born with an ability to understand ethical-moral values; these are learned an aspect of human behavior. As individuals mature, their physical, emotional, and cognitive abilities develop and so does their ability to deal with ethical-moral issues.
Aristotle, associate early Greek thinker who projected one in every of the foremost prestigious theories of moral thinking within the West, argued that our ethical skills that he referred to as virtues or virtuously smart habits develop exclusively through constant follow and repetition, within the same approach, he argued, humans acquire their ethical skills and once they square measure tutored and habituated by their families and communities assume, feel and behave in virtuously applicable ways in which.
Such vitally vital human values as courageousness, generosity, self-control, temperance, self-control, sociality, modesty, fairness or justice, area unit all virtues that he mentioned which he believed were noninheritable through this type of habituation. And though so as to develop such values one should spare plenty of his time and energy, once they're noninheritable virtuous behavior comes simply and naturally.
One shall have the courage to say no to wrongs and the courage to face the truth. You shall do the right thing without any fear or favor just because it is right. It's the action, not the fruit of the action, that's important. You have to do the right thing. It may not be in your power, might not be in some time, that there will be any fruit.

 However, that does not mean you stop doing the proper issue. you will ne'er understand what results come back from your action. however if you I do wrong or fail to square for what's right, then the results of such action might be fatal to entire society land nation. to coach a person in mind and not in morals is to coach a menace to society.

Importance of "Ethics in business"

Ethics corresponds to basic human needs.
It creates credibility with the public.
It gives management credibility with the employees.
It helps in better decisions.
Making Law cannot protect society but Ethics can protect.

Examples of unethical behavior in business life
BA's formulate the baseless story that in the nightclub of Richard Branson there were HIV infected needles were found. They also hacked the virgin reservation Software called the customers and told them flights have been canceled and switched them to British Airways.

Mumbai based Tata VSNL employee was caught while leaking information to competitor Gillette engineer who led the Razor blade was also supplying the important details to the competitors.

Examples of Ethics

The reasons for having high moral standards include:

A higher ethical inside your workers and therefore the organization.
It helps to draw in new customers.
It builds higher client loyalty.
It reduces the chance of negative press or backlash caused by doing “the wrong” things.
It helps to form a positive impact on the community.
Honesty: you wish to be honest altogether of your actions, and each communication you create.
Integrity: Being moral integrity in business means that maintaining a high level of non-public integrity. This can be however you earn the trust of others, whether or not they are your customers, team or your superiors.
Keeping Your Promises: Your word is one amongst the foremost necessary tools in your arsenal as a business manager. Keep each promise that you just build, and continuously fulfill a commitment.
Loyalty: you wish to be loyal to each your company, your team and yourself, whereas in operation inside a powerful ethical compass. If you demonstrate your loyalty it builds trust and shows that you just place a high worth on advancing the interests of each the corporate and your colleagues.
Fair: altogether of your actions, you want to attempt to be honest and simple. Associate in Nursing moral govt is committed to fairness altogether that they are doing, Associate in Nursing don't obtain to exercise their power for an unfair advantage or use indecent strategies to achieve a competitive edge.
Caring:  This involves having a real concern for others, further as a way of compassion.
Respect: Being moral respect means that treating everybody with respect, demonstrating this by being courteous Associate in Nursing having an equal treatment of individuals no matter WHO they're.
Obeying the law: Associate in Nursing moral govt continuously obeys the law, and ne'er breaks the foundations, rules or laws encompassing their business activities.
Excellence: Being moral excellence in business is additionally concerning the following excellence in everything that you just do.
Being a Leader: you wish to demonstrate the principles and ethics you wish your team to measure by and take a vigorous role as a pacesetter to be a positive leader.
Morale: moral business managers enhance the great name of a corporation, that at an identical time boosts the morale of its staff.
Accountable: Being moral accountable means that holding yourself responsible, and acknowledging and acceptive personal answerability for his or her choices, and any consequences.

Types of Ethics

Personal Ethics Social Ethics Religious Ethics Professional Ethics Business Ethics Computer Ethics for Computer Professionals Normative ethics  Applied ethics Descriptive ethics Meta-Ethics etc.

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