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Pratiyogita Darpan Public Administration pdf free download | Pub Ad Optional Subject

Pratiyogita Darpan Public Administration pdf free download

Pratiyogita Darpan Extra Issue -Public Administration [series-23]

Pratiyogita Darpan Public Administration optional Subject one of the most demanding magazine for UPSC Civil Services Exam

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Pratiyogita Darpan Public Administration Content
P.D./Public Administration/Unit-1
8 Meaning of Public Administration
8 History of Public Administration
10 The significance of Public Administration: An Ubiquitous Phenomenon
11 Nature and Scope of Public Administration
14 The contribution of Public Administration to Social Life
16 Comparative Public Administration
17 Purposes of Comparative Public Administration
17 Factors Responsible for the Rise of Comparative Public Administration
18 Ecological Model in Comparative Public Administration
18 Agraria-Industria Model
18 Agraria-Transition-Industria Model
19 Riggs Fused-Prismatic Diffracted Model
19 Prismatic-Sala Mode!
21 Development Administration
21 Factors Responsible for the Emergence of
Development Administration
23 Features of Political Development Relevant to Administrative Development
23 Major Characteristics of Development Administration
24 Ecological-Orientation/Perspective
24 Comparative View of Traditional Public Administration and Development Administration
25 Approaches to Development Administration
26 Public and Private Administration: Differences and Similarities
29 The emergence of Entrepreneurial Government with State as Facilitator
29 New Public Administration
30 Growth and Emergence of New Public Administration
30 The Honey Report on Higher Education for Public Service (1967)
31 The Philadelphia Conference on the Theory and Practice of Public Administration, 1967
32 The Minnowbrook Conference (1968)
32 The Minnowbrook II {September, 1988)
32 Philosophical Context and Goals of New
Public Administration
35 Public Choice Approach
36 New Public Management Perspective
38 New Model of Public Administration
P.D./Public AdministrationUnit-ll
Basic Concepts and Principles
41 Henry Fayol’s Contribution to Classical Theory
41 Activities of an Industrial Activities
41 Fayol on Principles of Administration
43 FayoLs Gangplank
44 Classical Theory: A Critical Evaluation
P.D./Public Administration/Unit-Ill
Theories of Administration
45 Scientific Management
47 Impact of Scientific Management
48 The Classical Theory
52 Criticism of the Classical Theory
52 Bureaucratic Theory
54 Characteristics of Weberian Bureaucracy
55 Ideas of Mary P. Follet and C.l. Barnard
56 Contribution of Chester I. Barnard
58 Human Relations School: Elton Mayo and Others
59 Hawthorne Studies Elton Mayo
61 Behavioural Approach to Organisational Analysis
64 Systems Approach: Open and Closed Systems

66 Systems Approach : Criticism
P.D./Public Administration/Unit-IV
Administrative Behaviour
67 Decision Making with Special Reference to Herbert Simon
68 Bases of Decision Making 
70 Classification or Typology 
72 Theories of Leadership 
76 Communication
78 The Importance of Communication in Administration
81 Essentials of Communication
82 Motivation (Mastow and Herzberg)
82 Meaning of Motivation 
82 Significance of Motivation
82 Traditional Theories of Motivation
83 Modern Theories of Motivation
84 Recent Theory
85 Types of Team 
89 Other Theories
P.D./Public Administration/Unit-V
Accountability and Control
91 Concepts of Accountability and Control
92 Legislative, Executive and Judicial Control 
99 Citizen and Administration
101 Role of Civil Society
102 Theories of Civil Society
103 Peopled Participation
105 Right to Information
P.D./Public Administration/Unit—VI
Administrative System
106 Constitution of U.S.A.
109 United Kingdom
110 British Civil Service
110 Northcote Trevelyan Report (1854)
111 Administrative System of France
112 French President
112 Administrative Courts and Tribunals in France
113 Administrative System of Japan
P.D./Public Administration/Unit-VII
Personnel Administration
116 Objectives of Personnel Administration
116 Recruitment
117 Process of Recruitment
118 Methods of Recruitment 
118 Special Qualifications 
120 Recruitment Process for Higher Civil Services in India: Historical Background
P.D*/Public Administration/4
122 Training and Career Development
123 Importance of Training
123 Training Methods and Techniques
125 Types of Training
126 Training in Britain
126 Training for Public Services in India
127 Definitions and Uses of Classification
128 Steps in Classification
128 Advantages of Position Classification
129 Position Classification in India
130 Promotion
130 Advantages of a Promotion Policy
131 Meaning of the Term ‘Promotion’
132 Essentials of Promotion System
132 Principles of Promotion
133 The Principle of Merit 
133 Methods of Testing Merit 
137 Retirement Benefits
P.D./Public Administration/Unit—VIII
Financial Administration
139 Concept and Types of Budget
139 Budget: The Heart of Management
140 Economic and Social Implications of Budget
140 Essentials of the Budget System
141 Budget Types
143 Preparation and Execution of the Budget
146 Accounting of the Budget
147 Auditing of the Budget
147 Financial Control: Role of the Finance Ministry
148 Deficit Financing
149 Meaning of Performance Budgeting 
149 Zero-Base Budgeting
154 Difference Between Auditing and Accounting
157 Separation of Accounts and Audit and Powers of the CAG
P.D./Public Administration/Unit-IX
Union Government and Administration in India: British Legacy
159 Constitutional Context of Indian Administration : British Legacy
160 Administration by the Company (1765-1858)
165 Dyarchy : An Assessment
166 The Government of India Act, 1935 : An Assessment
167 The Union Government and Administration in India
168 President
169 Impeachment of the President
170 Powers of the President
174 Discretionary Powers of the President
175 The Vice-President
176 The Prime Minister
176 Position of the Prime Minister
177 The Cabinet
177 Functions of the Council of Ministers and the Cabinet
178 Central Secretariat 
181 Cabinet Secretariat 
185 Prime Minister's Office
185 Principal Function of the PMO
185 Planning Commission
186 Planning in India
187 Impact of Planning
188 Finance Commission
188 13th Finance Commission
189 The Election Commission
189 Powers and Functions of the Election Com￾mission
191 Comptroller and Auditor General of India 
191 Audit in India
193 Public Enterprises
194 Patterns
195 The Departmental Undertakings
196 The Government Company
197 Statutory Corporations
198 Choice of a Suitable Form of Organisation
199 Other Forms of Organisation: A Brief Discussion
201 Management of Public Undertakings
209 Problems of Autonomy and Accountability
210 Accountability of Public Enterprises in India
212 The Ministerial Control
213 Impact of Liberalisation
P.D./Public Administration/Unit-X
Civil Services in India
215 Selection
216 Designations
P.D./Public Administration/Unit-XI
State and District Administration
219 State and District Administration
219 Governor
219 Powers of a Governor
219 Discretionary Powers of the Governor
220 Controversial Role of the Governor 
220 Chief Minister
220 Passing of Bill
223 Promotion of Interministerial Coordination 
223 Functions of District Collector Office
226 Natural Resource Management and Environmental Concerns
227 Changing Patterns of District Administration with Particular Reference to the Role of the Collector in Panchayati Raj
P.D./Public Administration/Unit—XII
Local Government
228 Panchayati Raj
228 Panchayati Raj After Independence
228 Balwant Rai Mehta Committee
229 Three Tire System of Panchayati Raj
230 Ashok Mehta Committee
231 Functions
231 Development of Panchayati Raj 
231 Aims and Objectives of Panchayati Raj
231 Composition of Gram Panchayats
232 Zonal Councils
232 Inter-State Water Disputes Act Inter-State Council
233 Decentralisation and Devolution
235 Powers, Authority and Responsibility of Panchayats
236 Audit of Accounts
236 Municipalities
237 Significance of 73rd Amendment Act, 1992
238 Municipal Government
238 Significance of 74th Constitutional Amendment 1992
238 Role of Women in Panchayats
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Pratiyogita Darpan Public Administration pdf free download


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