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Pratiyogita Darpan Indian Polity and Governance pdf free download

Pratiyogita Darpan Indian Polity & Governance pdf free download

Pratiyogita Darpan Extra Issue - Indian Polity and Governance [series-4]

Pratiyogita Darpan Indian Polity & Governance one of the most demanding magazine for UPSC Civil Services Exam

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Pratiyogita Darpan Indian Polity and Governance Content
Indian Constitution and Political System :
Facts to be Remembered
The Indian Political System and the
The Background
Major Characteristics of the Constitution
A Brief History of Constitutional Development
The Framing of the Indian Constitution
Indian Constitution: A Brief Introduction
Part I: The Union and its Territory (Art. 1-4)
Part II: Citizenship (Art. 5-11)
Part III: Fundamental Rights (Art. 12-35)
Right to Equality (Art. 14-18)
Right to Freedom (Art. 19-22)
Part IV: Directive Principles of State Policy (Art.
Part IVA: Fundamental Duties (Art. 51 A)
The President
The Vice-President of India
Council of Ministers
Parliament: Union Legislature
Officers of Parliament
The Union Judiciary (Art. 124-147)
Comptroller and Auditor General of India (Art.148-151)
Part VI: The States
High Courts in the States
Subordinate Courts
The Union Territories
Panchayats (Art. 243-243-0)
The Municipalities (Art. 243 P-243 ZG)
Relations between the Union and the States

Services under the Union and the States
Elections (Art. 324-343)
61 Special Provision Relating to Certain Classes
62 Official Language
63 Emergency Provisions
65 Protection of President and Governors from Legal Proceedings
65 Amendment of the Constitution
65 Temporary Provisions with respect to the State of Jammu and Kashmir
66 Commencement of the Constitution
67 Schedules
67 Appendices
68 The Constitutional Amendment Acts (1951-2012)
74 Indian Political System
78 Nature of the Indian Political System
81 Fundamental Rights
87 Directive Principles of State Policy
88 Implementation of Directive Principles of 
State Policy
89 Human Rights Issues in India
93 Nature of Indian Federal System and its 
95 Center-State Relations
98 Efforts for the Improvement of Centre-State 
100 Inter-State Relations
101 Reorganisation of States
102 Election of the President: Its Process and 
105 Election of the Vice-President of India
Speaker and Dy. Speaker of the House of the People
118 Law Making Procedure 
Questions in Parliament 
The Committees of Parliament 
Indian Judiciary 
Supreme Court
The Leading Cases of Supreme Court 
The State Executive 
Role and Position of the Chief Minister 
The State Legislature 
Civil Services in India: Nature and Role 
The Political Executive (Ministers) vs. The 
Generalist vs. Specialist Controversy 
Committed Bureaucracy 
Role of Bureaucracy in Development 
Governance and Good Governance in India 
Planning in India
Political Impacts of Planned Economic Development
Public Policy in India
Panchayati Raj and Community Development Programme
168 Organisation of Three Tier Panchayati Raj System
173 Political Party System, Pressure Groups, 
Election Commission and Election Process
Indian Party System
Pressure Groups
Election Commission
Election Process
Indian Politics : Style, Nature and Culture
Political Culture 
Indian Political Culture 
Nature of Indian Politics 
Important Commissions 
Indian Democracy
Political and Constitutional Terminology
Rules of Procedure and Conduct of
Business in Lok Sabha/Rajya Sabha
Objective Type Questions on Indian Polity and Governance 
Download free  Pratiyogita Darpan Indian Polity and Governance pdf


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