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Pratiyogita Darpan Geography India And World pdf free download

Pratiyogita Darpan Geography India And World pdf free download

Pratiyogita Darpan Extra Issue - Geography India And World [series-2]

Pratiyogita Darpan Geography India And World one of the most demanding magazine for UPSC Civil Services Exam

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Pratiyogita Darpan Geography India And World  Content
The Universe
Theories of Space
Space and Outer Space
Modern Astronomy
Astronomical Terms
The World of Sound
Our Home Galaxy: The Milky Way
The World of Stars
Life of a Star
The Solar System
Other Planetary Systems
The Sun
The Inner Planets
The Outer Planets
Satellites or Moons
The Earth’s Moon
The Comets
The Asteroids
Shooting Star or Meteoroids
The Earth
The Origin of the Earth
The Age of the Earth
Movements of the Earth
Spherical Coordinates of Earth
The Time
The Time Zones
The Internal Structure of the Earth
Continental Drift
Plate Tectonics
Exogenetic (Exogenic) Forces
Effusive Magmatism or Volcanism
Effusive Magmatism
Volcanic Structures
Intrusive Magmatism or Plutonism
Major Land Surface Types
Gradation or Denudation
Denudation and Accumulation Agents
The Wind
Waters of the Surface Run-off
Waters of the Sub-surface Flow
Snow and Ice
Geographic Distribution of
Contemporary Glaciers
The Hydrosphere
The World Ocean: General
Relief Features of the World Ocean
The Temperature of the Sea Water
Salinity of Oceanic and Sea Waters
Chemical Composition of Seas and
Gases in Oceanic and Sea Waters
Organic Marine Life
Sea Water Pressure and Density
The Movement of the Sea Water
Ocean Currents
General information about Rivers
Major Riverside Cities
Longest Rivers of the World
Highest Waterfalls of the World
Swamps and Their Geological
The Atmosphere
139 The Significance of our Atmosphere
140 Atmospheric Layers
143 Atmospheric Elements
143 Solar Energy
144 Heating of the Atmosphere
145 The Heat Energy Budget
146 Air Temperature
147 Temperature of the Atmosphere
148 Vertical Distribution of Temperature
150 Horizontal Distribution of Temperature
152 Atmospheric Pressure
152 Measurement of Air Pressure
154 Variations in Atmospheric Pressure
157 Wind
158 The Wind Systems
162 Air-Masses
167 Tropical Low Pressure Systems
168 Special Winds
171 Land and Sea Breezes
172 Some Other Winds
174 Humidity and Precipitation
174 Water-Vapour in the Atmosphere
175 Instability
177 Condensation
179 Types of Fog
180 Clouds
182 Rainfall
184 Types of Rainfall
186 Other Forms of Precipitation
188 Climatic Types
189 Climatic Types
196 Biosphere
200 Ecology
204 Pollution
206 Antipollution Measures
207 Evolution
207 Geological History
208 The Pre-Cambrian Era
209 Palaeozoic Era
209 Mesozoic Era
209 Caenozoic Era
210 Quaternary Era
211 Geological and Biological Changes
217 Human Geography
220 Life in Tropical Deserts
223 Tribes in India
230 Races of World
231 World Population
236 Population Problems
238 Urban Settlements
239 Economic Geography
240 Agriculture
253 Industries
258 Transport and Communication
263 Geography of India
264 Rivers
264 Main Rivers of India
268 Climate
269 Vegetation
271 Soils
272 Source of Irrigations
273 Multipurpose Projects in India
278 Agriculture
281 Minerals
283 Major Industries
285 India’s Population-2011 (P)
287 Provisional Population Table of Census of India-2011
288 Working and Non-working Population of India Census-2001
289 Scheduled Caste and Scheduled Tribe Population of India Census-2001
290 Some Special Facts on Population 2011
Geography India And World Objective Questions free pdf download
Download free Pratiyogita Darpan Geography India And World pdf


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